How do I join the LLPOA ?

Joining the Laurel Lake Property Owners is easy and inexpensive. There are two types of membership, Property and Social. Both types of membership entitle you to the use of the lake, the beaches, to use your boat and the clubhouse facilities, and  have their own pier. To join contact any member of the LLPOA membership committee.

Stop in to one of our regular monthly meetings held the first Sunday of February, March, April, June, July, August, October, November and December month*  at 10 a.m. at the LLPOA Community Center,  Lakeshore Drive in Millville. May and September meetings are held at 11 am.

* September meeting is the first Sunday following Labor Day  No meeting is held in January

Owners of properties in the tract may become PROPERTY members.

Who can Join the LLPOA ?

As mentioned above, there are two types of membership--
Property and Social.

Property Members must reside within the original designated LLPOA tract as established when the Lake was created, or within the tract expansion made in 2005. To join as a property member, an applicant must present a copy of the deed to their property, showing it is located in the Tract. Social Members enjoy most of the same rights, other than the right to vote on non-social matters.

NEW!!!  A limited number of piers are available for SOCIAL MEMBERS to rent!. Hurry.. they will go quickly! .

What does it cost to join?

The cost to join the LLPOA--and enjoy all the benefits is surprisingly  inexpensive--less than the cost of a gym membership
Property and Social  Members

Membership dues:                  $170.60*

Pier rental:                              $143.94*

Annual Dam Surcharge            $  31.99*

Work Assessment                    $  85.30*. 

Watercraft registration:                $7.00 for each non powered boats (plus Tax)

                                                $45.00 for each Power Boat (plus tax)


New members pay a one time fee of $100.00 to the Dam Maintenance Fund plus another $100.00 the first year IF they rent a pier site.  Members who volunteer for a minimum of 10 hours work assessment receive an $80 discount toward dues for the following year. * Includes NJ 6.625% sales tax.

Can I get a pier ?

If you are a Member, you qualify for a piersite. There are a number of sites open on both sides of the Lake.

Can I use my boat?

Yes, Social and Property members may use boats that are properly insured and registered with the LLPOA. Must Have Boating Safety Certificate, liability insurance on the boat, and current boat registration

If I buy a house from a member with a pier, do I get the pier?

Not exactly. Pier sites belong to the LLPOA and are leased to the members. If you purchase a house from a LLPOA member who has a pier site, you have the right to join the Association and if you do so, you then have first rights to the pier site. If you do not join within two months of purchasing the property, the pier site is deemed vacant and available to any property member interested.

Laurel Lake is owned and maintained by the members of the Laurel Lake Property Owners Association
 for the benefit of and with the support of the surrounding community in Millville and Commercial Twp., NJ.
LLPOA: PO Box 1314, Millville, NJ 08332