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A number of years ago, the state began requiring the Laurel Lake Property Owners Association (LLPOA) which owns the two dams that create Laurel Lake and Beach Club Lake (That’s the name of the upper lake) to obtain periodic inspections of the dams and to do certain maintenance.
At that time, a group of volunteer workers from the community began complying with the state’s requests to remove trees and vegetation from the dams and to repair eroded areas. The inspections were done and paid for by the LLPOA.
A few years later, a series of dam failures in Medford and other areas caused the DEP to take another look at Dams across the state, and to require more stringent inspections and maintenance. The cost of these periodic inspections now tops $5,000 and is rising. In addition, repairs and maintenance on the two dams is estimated at nearly $500,000—far outstripping the ability of the LLPOA to pay from membership dues.
Around the same time, a lake community much like Laurel Lake was faced with the same problems. The lake association and community leaders recognized the importance of the lake to the entire community, not just to the association’s membership. It was from this realization that the concept of a community fair share arose.
Not everyone in the community agreed, however, and matter went to court, where eventually the State Courts ruled that the community in fact did have an obligation to pay for the dams, which are a benefit to the whole community, upholding the Fair Share. Since then, other lake communities in similar situations have moved to adopt their own community fair shares. Last Year, the Laurel Lake Property Owners Association joined them, and held a series of open, public meetings where the issue was discussed.
While the Lake and dams are privately owned, they are a vital community asset and in fact, by virtue of the original deeds creating the community of Laurel Lake, both in Millville and Commercial Township, all property owners in the original tract have the irrevocable right to join the LLPOA. It is this deeded implied easement that enables the LLPOA to take advantage of the Fair Share.
For more than 80 years, the members of the Laurel Lake Property Owners Association have borne the cost of maintaining the lakes. Now, with new regulations and new costs, the community as a whole is being asked to help by picking up their Fair Share


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Laurel Lake is owned and maintained by the members of the Laurel Lake Property Owners Association
 for the benefit of and with the support of the surrounding community in Millville and Commercial Twp., NJ.
LLPOA: PO Box 1314, Millville, NJ 08332