Now more than ever, Help is needed to preserve the lakes
State requires extensive dam maintenance.

For years, the state of New Jersey paid little attention to the issue of private dams and lakes, but in recent years a series of well-publicized dam failures caused the DEP to take a hard look at the condition of the hundreds of these dams across the state...  READ MORE

Court rules in favor of Fair Share
Says LLPOA entitled to collect Fair Share for Dams, Maintenance

Judge Timothy Farrell held that the LLPOA was entitled to collect fair share assessments for dam maintenance from non-members in the original Laurel Lake tract at a trial conducted on January 21, 2009, in a lawsuit brought by Cynthia Coverdale.  Ms. Coverdale brought this lawsuit seeking refund of the assessment that she paid, claiming that the LLPOA did not have the right to collect the assessments. Judge Farrell found that the intent of the original deed creating the LLPOA was to convey the benefits of Laurel Lake and the common areas surrounding it to all present and subsequent owners within the original tract. 
Accordingly Judge Farrell found that with the benefits conferred to these owners goes the burden, and that these owners are required to pay annual dam assessments even though they are not members of the LLPOA.

The Fair Share committee is working hard to update and correct all our records. The 2014 Invoices were mailed in March..
The 2014 Fair Share Notices were mailed in March. Over the past year, volunteer workers at the LLPOA have been donating thousands of hours to keep costs down and to ensure vital maintenance projects continue. We have also been working on updating our Fair Share records, to ensure the notices go to the proper person. If you feel you have received a notice in error, need to make a correction, or if you have not recieved your notice by April 15, contact the Fair Share office here.

Fair Share for 2014 remains at $50, unchanged from the first year.

Anyone who did not pay prior years' Fair Share is also still liable for their past due balance plus late fees and any administrative costs.

Fair Shares and fees will continue to accrue until they are paid

Your Fair Share Dollars at Work!

.As a result of recent state inspections, the LLPOA was required to start by removing all trees from the earthen dam and fill all erosion. That work has been done. There is still a lot of expensive work to be done, but a great start has been made. Maintaining the dams benefits theentire community by providing recreation and swimming opportunities to the ENTIRE community (not just members) as well as providing the ONLY nearby accessible source of water for protecting our homes from fire. Not to mention the beauty and increased property values that the lakes provide. While the cost of EVERYTHING continues to rise, the LLPOA has maintained the Fair Share at just $50 per year again for 2014.

Laurel Lake is owned and maintained by the members of the Laurel Lake Property Owners Association
 for the benefit of and with the support of the surrounding community in Millville and Commercial Twp., NJ.
LLPOA: PO Box 1314, Millville, NJ 08332